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Ridgewood Zoning Maps

What Are We Doing?

We are working with local politicians, NYC planning and Community Boards to ensure we keep the character of Ridgewood. We are using our experience on our successful Landmarking project to prevent Ridgewood looking like the Bushwick street below.

Ugly Bushwick.jpg

What does Zoning Mean?

To regulate such diversity, the Zoning Resolution designates 10 basic residence districts - R1 through R10. The numbers refer to permitted bulk and density (with R1 having the lowest density and R10 the highest) and other controls such as required parking. A second letter or number in some districts signifies additional controls.

R1-R5 and R1 -R5 suffix zones

Detached and semi-detached buildings typically accommodate either a single family or two families in separate dwelling units. Attached buildings may house one, two or more families. R1 and R2 districts allow only detached single-family residences. R3A, R3X, R4A and R5A districts allow only detached single- and two-family residences.R3-1 and R4-1 districts permit both detached and semi-detached one- and two-family houses. R4B districts also permit attached rowhouses limited to one and two families. In addition, zero lot line buildingsare permitted in R3A, R4-1, R4B, R5B and R5D districts. R3-2, R4, R5, R5B and R5D districts are general residence districts that permit all housing types and are distinguished by differing bulk and density, height and setbacklot coverage or open space, and parking requirements.

R6 to R10 Zones

Moderate- and higher-density residence districts are generally found close to central and regional business districts and are usually mapped in proximity to mass transit. These areas are characterized by bulkier buildings, a greater range of building heights and less automobile ownership than lower-density areas.  Like lower-density residence districts, however, the character of these neighborhoods varies widely.  Some are defined entirely by rowhouses, others by low apartment houses or high-rise buildings and still others by a mixture of all building types. 

map13a jpeg.jpg
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