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Changes for NYC renters in the law that Albany passed in June 2019:

Security deposits are now limited to one month’s rent, and landlords must return them within 14 days of the tenant leaving the unit — with an itemized statement covering any deductions that have been made.

Landlords must give at least 30 days’ notice to tenants if they intend to raise the rent of a unit by more than 5%.


The longer a tenant has been in place, the more notice a landlord must give of a substantial rent increase:

·        60 days’ notice for a tenancy or lease of one to two years

·        90 days’ notice to a tenant who has lived in a unit for at least two years, or has a lease of at least that length.


Housing courts now have more stringent requirements to consider: how will an eviction will affect the tenants’ health and well-being, notably the school attendance of children who live in the rental unit.


Unlawful evictions of a tenant are now a misdemeanor and are subject to a fine of at least $1,000.

·        Instead of 10 days to fix most lease violations, tenants now have 30 days.

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