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Property Tax Reform = Ridgewood Tax to Double?

NYC Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform Final Report
Will Ridgewood One to Four Unit Property Taxes Double?

“Proposal to overhaul New York City’s property tax system would dramatically raise taxes on one-to-three-family homes, hold down taxes on co-op and condominium apartments", a Wall Street Journal analysis found.

The final report, was quietly released on December 29th.  A study by the Wall Street Journal showed how neighborhoods like Ridgewood would face up to a doubling of their tax burden!

Robert Marvin, a retired city worker and his wife, Elaine, a retired teacher, face a potential tax increase of $9,700, according to the Journal analysis, more than double their current tax bill on the row house in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. We are facing the same scenario in Ridgewood.


Charles Ober, our president, has joined the Queens Civic Congress platform committee on property taxes and is preparing for this fight. 


Mayor’s press release:

Find the full report here:

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